Farm Credit Loan Life-Cycle

When it comes to maintaining and servicing your loans. We know there are a lot of moving parts that require great attention to detail. AgVantis offers a variety of services and the expertise to help you manage the full spectrum of your Farm Credit loan life-cycle. Many of our solutions are powered by our innovative software platform, NGS.



If you’re looking for an automated, streamlined approach to better manage the full life cycle of all loans, NGS is the solution you’re seeking.

Track the life-cycle of a loan from marketing and sales through loan origination, servicing, and reporting.

AgVantis offers a credit delivery and servicing package that enables you to track the life-cycle of a loan from marketing and sales through loan origination, servicing, and reporting. Our flagship software, NGS, provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities and a seamless customer experience through each step of the loan life-cycle.NGS is customizable to meet the needs of any Farm Credit Association … it enables you to define default values, perform look-ups, review credit standards and delegations, and act on credit decisions.

Scan, archive, email, and view documents online with OnBase, AgVantis’ Document Management solution.

AgVantis’ Document Management solution OnBase allows you to store files in various formats (such as customer, loan, or insurance files) electronically. Files are organized in customizable folders, retrievable from NGS with a click of a button. Storing and locating files is made simple by creating searchable keywords for pertinent information.The Accounts Payable feature lets you store invoices electronically and includes an online approval process.NGS makes it easy to scan, archive, email, and view documents online. It offers an easy-to-use report designer that allows you to create customized documents with common Microsoft Suite products. Narratives create a unique and consistent view of the 5 C’s of credit (character, capacity, capital, collateral, conditions).

The Infor Lawson Enterprise Financial Management System (Lawson) provides efficient ways to create shortcuts, analyze data, and create financial reports.

Lawson, the Infor Lawson Enterprise Financial Management System, is a cost center-based financial management solution that includes general ledger, accounts payable, fixed assets, budgeting, cost allocations, and financial reporting. Using the Smart Office user environment, Lawson provides efficient ways to create shortcuts, analyze data, and create financial reports. AgVantis provides hands-on experience with Lawson applications, and will help you efficiently handle your accounting processes and control.

Association Accounting Services

  • Fixed Assets
  • Accounts Payable
  • Corporate Checks
  • 1099 Tax Reporting
  • Chart of Account Support
  • Standard Journal Entries
    • Payroll Interface
    • Funding Bank Patronage
    • Pension and Post-Retirement
    • Funding Bank Stock
    • Year-End Tax Provisions
  • Close General Ledger for Each Period
  • Monitors Clearing Accounts

AgVantis provides loan accounting support for all solutions, including general ledger, financial reporting, loan accounting and more.

AgVantis provides loan accounting support for all solutions (i.e. general ledger, financial reporting, loan accounting, planning, budgeting, etc.). We review relevant regulations, rulings, and GAAP treatment for impact on Associations and coordinate with Farm Credit System guidelines to ensure GAAP treatments. Farm Credit System treatments are updated for any changes in GAAP and regulations. Our employees participate in System workgroups, committees, and conferences to stay updated in critical areas that impact our customers. NGS, together with IBS, AgVantis’ loan accounting solution, provides users with front- and back-office systems to meet credit, servicing, delivery, and reporting needs. Assistance from AgVantis is provided for basic loan accounting processes and special lending programs such as loan restructuring, foreclosure, and other property owned. Other areas are supported, such as SFAS 91 accounting, special funding programs, and leasing programs. AgVantis also coordinates wholesale pricing with the Associations’ District funding bank.


  • Account Clearing
  • Association Direct Note Reconciliation
  • Conduct an Extensive List of Daily Activity Reports for Management and Audit Needs
  • Coordinate Wholesale Pricing Accounts
  • Loan Integrity Reporting
  • Monitor BALEX Report Comparing the General Ledger and Loan System
  • Participation Loan Coordination
  • SFAS #91 Activity Monitoring
  • Standard Exceptions


  • Adjustable Rate Re-Pricing Notices
  • Billing and Ledger Statements
  • Fair Market Value Amortization
  • Foreclosure and Other Property Owned
  • IRS Backup Withholding Management
  • Non Accrual Balance Checks
  • Restructured Loans
  • SFAS 91 Amortization
  • Variable Borrower Rate Changes


  • SFAS 91 Cost Coordination
  • Year-End IRS Tax Reporting
  • Young, Beginning, and Small Farmer Reporting

Our communications are designed to help you enhance the experience you deliver to your customers. We offer detailed, easy-to-understand billing statements, account summary statements, and other statements and notices related to the borrower’s account. Our system generates these statements for both mortgage and commercial loans based on payment or statement frequencies on the loan. Year-End 1098/1099 Tax Statements are mailed directly to the borrowers.

  • A PDF version of the Statements are retained for archival purposes
  • Borrower Statements and Notices are mailed directly to the borrowers from our partnering vendor location
  • Included are Statements for Special Handling Accounts
  • Miniature check images are merged with the statements for accounts that have check writing privileges
  • Statements are branded with your Association logo and can include customized banner messages

AgVantis offers an extensive array of electronic processing capabilities to help you process and post your borrower activity. We also provide the support you need to understand the ACH/wire processing best business practices and ensure the coordination of NACHA guidelines for electronic payments, corrections, and returns.


Scan and electronically capture all the checks you receive each day and eliminate trips to the bank to make deposits. Images and check information are uploaded to the Federal Reserve daily. Check21 Remote Check Capture can be implemented for larger borrowers or those that receive a large volume of checks themselves. These checks can be automatically applied directly to the borrower’s loan account.

Purchase Cards

Give your borrowers 24/7 access to their operating loan through a customer branded VISA card. Transactions are posted automatically to the loan daily, weekly, or monthly. Purchase cards can also be used by employees for business expenses, with automated posting to the general ledger.

Corporate Checks

Direct clearing of corporate checks through the Federal Reserve provides significant cost savings in per-item processing charges with minimum balance requirements.

ACH/Wire Processing

Your Association and its members’ exchange of money is handled through daily Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments and disbursements, followed by automatic posting to the loan accounting system with logs for your review. ACH and wire transactions can be originated through Online Banking for borrower payments and internal cash management.

Electronic Drafts Processing

Borrower drafts can be cleared directly through the Federal Reserve, eliminating most commercial bank processing charges, minimum balance requirements, collected funds charges, and wire transfer charges. Transactions are posted automatically to the loan account or staged for your review. Images of the original drafts are securely retained and made available to you. Draft image statements can be printed, merged with the loan statement, and mailed to you or your borrower(s). Our complete electronic transaction processing services include:

  • ACHs
  • Association Corporate Checks
  • Association Transfers
  • Borrower Checks
  • Check21 Processing
  • Image Capabilities
  • Lockbox Processing
  • Pre-Authorized Draft Processing
  • Purchase Cards
  • Return Item Processing (ACH, drafts/checks, Check21, and corporate checks)
  • Wire Transfers

The AgVantis Technical Support and Operations Team is comprised of professionals in the areas of network and server management, security, database management, application support, and electronic processing. We are pleased to offer Network Management as a service to our customers, as well as Cloud infrastructure to provide a seamless connection to our core applications. Our team is dedicated to providing cost effective solutions to ease the burden of operating a Farm Credit Association:

  • ACH Processing
  • Draft Processing
  • Electronic Processing
  • Hosting Solutions
  • Lockbox Processing
  • Remote Office Connectivity Solutions
  • SPAM Filtering
  • Wide Area Network Management

Network Management

Cloud Administration

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Managing the AgVantis Cloud
  • Network Performance Monitoring

Network Security Monitoring

  • CyberSecurity Services
  • Governance/Policy/Standards
  • Network Management
  • Network Performance Monitoring
  • Unlimited Assistance
  • Vulnerability Management


  • Auditing
  • Business Continuity
  • Reporting
  • Secure Back-Up

AgVantis provides summary and detailed reports to assist Farm Credit Associations with their internal and external reporting along with providing expertise in GAAP regulations, Farm Credit guidelines, SOX controls and audit coordination.

Internal Financial Statements

  • Budget Comparison Reports
  • Capital Ratios
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • President’s Report – Daily Snapshot of Detailed Financial Indicators
  • Summary and Detailed Balance Sheet and Income Statement – Average Balances
  • Summary and Detailed Balance Sheet and Income Statement – Period End Balances

Regulatory Reporting

Each quarter, AgVantis prepares and reconciles the data required for the FCA Call Report:
  • Populated FCA Call Report Submission File
  • Workpapers and Support Schedules
Funding Corporation/FCA Quarterly Loan Data Extracts
  • Loan Data Extract Reconciled to the FCA Call Report

Published External Reporting


  • Model MDA & Notes
  • Populated Financial Statements
  • Related Workpapers


  • Audit Coordination
  • FCA Disclosure Information
  • Footnotes
  • Management Discussion & Analysis (MD&A)
  • Model MDA & Notes
  • Populated Financial Statements
  • Printer-Ready Annual Report
  • PwC Opinion Letter
  • Report of Management

Reporting to Funding Bank


  • CMR Reporting (required activity reporting); examples include:
  • Coordination for District Level Transactions and Reconciliations
  • General Ledger Extract
  • Loan Extract
  • Nonaccrual and Other Property Owned Activity
  • Patronage Paid/Declared
  • Stock Issued/Retired
  • Tax Disclosures

NGS Mobile functionality includes read-only access to contact, loan, opportunity, and note information. Add new contacts, opportunities, and notes. Call, text, email, or locate on a map any contact within NGS. Safe and secure. Credentials and data are never stored on the mobile device.

Bank anytime, anywhere with our 24/7 online banking services using a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. Customers can organize accounts, view account balances, download account transactions, get draft images, view, and download account statements, create alerts, and message securely with associations.

Extended features such as funds transfers, external transfers, bill pay, and ACH and Wire functions are available at the association’s discretion.