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AgVantis develops business solutions that blend experience and knowledge in today’s technology environment. Strategic human capital management enables us to attract, develop, retain, and manage our greatest assets: our people. It keeps us in sync with our vision and mission, and positions us to serve the ever-evolving needs of our owner-customers and use all of our resources effectively.


Our People, Our Greatest Asset

At AgVantis, we employ a wide range of tenured personnel with a proven record of solving technology and business. This is balanced with a diversified mix of new staff that bring a fresh perspective and help keep us current in our field with a focus on the future.

We believe that employee training and development is essential to maintaining the skills required to be competitive. Each employee has a training plan designed to ensure his or her professional growth and technical development.

We provide a fulfilling, challenging and financially rewarding work environment. We offer wellness programs and other benefits that balance work and professional life. We are a great place to work.

AgVantis continues to search for a talented workforce through our relationships with outside employment companies, contract resource companies, and concentrated efforts with local universities through college recruiting efforts and internships.



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