4.25 Service Corporation

The Farm Credit Administration is the regulator of AgVantis, Inc. (AgVantis) under Section 4.25 of the Farm Credit Act. Our charter allows us to perform functions and services for Associations within the Farm Credit System (System). Any profits are either held as retained earnings, or returned to our Owner-Associations in the form of a patronage. This status gives us the opportunity to provide services, support, and expertise uncommon to competitors outside of the System.

Code of Ethics –
All directors and employees of AgVantis are responsible for maintaining the highest ethical standards in conducting business. In that regard, a Code of Ethics has been established. This Code of Ethics supplements AgVantis’ Standards of Conduct Policies for directors and employees.

The Code of Ethics


Whistleblower Program – The Audit Committee of AgVantis, Inc., has established a Whistleblower Program to receive and handle reports related to accounting practices, accuracy of reports, internal controls, auditing matters, and misconduct or fraud. It provides for the confidential, anonymous reporting of concerns.

Reports can be filed online at: http://www.lighthouse-services.com/agvantis
English speaking USA and Canada: 1-855-650-0005

Whistleblower Program & Procedures