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More Than Technology

AgVantis extends the capabilities of its solutions by offering industry-unique expertise. We help you maintain and service the loan while keeping your Association in compliance with regulatory requirements and reporting.


AgVantis provides Association support for all solutions (i.e. general ledger, financial reporting, loan accounting, planning, budgeting, etc.). We review relevant regulations, rulings, and GAAP treatment for impact on Associations and coordinate with Farm Credit System guidelines to ensure GAAP treatments. Farm Credit System treatments are updated for any changes in GAAP and regulations. Our employees participate in System workgroups, committees, and conferences to stay current in critical areas that impact our Owner-Associations.

By leveraging various technologies, AgVantis offers a robust loan portfolio management solution to help you better identify risks and manage your loan portfolios.

  • Loan Portfolio Analysis (LPA) allows the user to perform detailed analytics on your entire loan portfolio, helping to identify risks and calculate allowance.
  • Credit Analysis Tool (CAT) provides ad-hoc analysis capabilities, using over 200 data items for each loan in your portfolio. Users can search and filter the portfolio based on defined criteria. Results are shown in pre-defined reports, custom built pivot tables and analytical reports.
  • Loan Analytics allows for quantitative management of the loan portfolio.
  • Sample Analytics are produced by product, branch, loan officer, county, risk rating, and loss-given-default – all by using more than 140 loan-related data elements.

We offer Association support in the areas of patronage or special loan calculations, and other patronage maintenance. Our Borrower Patronage tool can easily manage a Farm Credit Association’s patronage program.

  • Direct Link from NGS to Patronage System
  • Association Driven Rules to Create Calculation Reports
  • View History of Patronage
  • Create Borrower Communications
  • Issue Patronage Distribution Checks
  • Issue 1099 PATR Reporting

Year-end accruals are prepared in consultation with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and reviewed with Farm Credit Associations. AgVantis staff participates in the Farm Credit System Tax Work Group to remain knowledgeable in Farm Credit tax issues. All tax activity is coordinated by AgVantis on behalf of Associations with PwC tax staff.

  • Data provided to PwC to calculate quarterly estimates and year-end tax return
  • Federal quarterly tax payments
  • Entry adjustments for annual tax provisions and return differences
  • Maintain depreciation schedules, NOL schedules, and nonaccrual interest recognition schedules
  • Audit coordination
  • Annual tax disclosures
  • Distribute 1099-MISC tax statements to accounts payable recipients upon request

Our Adaptive Planning system provides users with historical information and assumptions to create a planning model. Infor Lawson Enterprise provides for budgeting of operating income and expenses through uploads.

Adaptive Planning Maintenance and Monitoring

  • Load and reconcile each month’s historical financial data
  • Create general financial planning assumptions, including rebate projections from the funding bank
  • Track current regulatory requirements related to planning and capital adequacy
  • Track the Model Association Capital Adequacy Plan
  • Provide assistance with the creation of the Annual Plan


  • Budget Comparison Reports
  • Annual Budget Packet which contains detailed information to complete your annual Operating Expense Budget
  • Instructions for developing your Budget
  • Detailed list of all Expense Accounts

AgVantis provides:

  • An all-inclusive Operations Guide to assist Associations with coordination of year-end activities
  • Support for the Association audit process
  • Representation for Associations to work directly with PricewaterhouseCoopers

Year-End Operations Guide

  • Year-End Statement Reporting (1098, 1099-INT, 1099-PATR, 1099-A, 1099-C, and 1099-S)
  • Dateline Checklist
  • Specific Year-End Accruals
  • Year-End Processing Schedule
  • Provide Instructions Related to Year-End Financial Reporting

PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit Coordination

  • Provide Data to PwC and Support the District and System’s Audit
  • Establish Farm Credit Associations as a Group with PwC for Consistency in Application of GAAP and Controls
  • PwC Borrower Confirmation

AgVantis generates Branch Profitability Reports for each Association down to the branch, PCA, and FLCA level.

From these, Branch Profitability Calculations, Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and Key Performance Results Reports can be generated. Using this tool, decisions can be made to address profitability issues.

AgVantis has a Help Desk team available to provide support to from 8 am to 6 pm Central Time Monday – Friday.

Whether you need assistance booking a loan in NGS or are experiencing technical problems, our team is ready to help resolve any issue. Our Help Desk team can resolve most problems with first-contact resolution and, if necessary, will engage our AgVantis subject matter experts while ensuring consistent, thorough follow-up to resolution.

Our Help Desk always strives to exceed customer expectations and is continuously improving its processes to provide a “best in class” experience for our Associations.

We provide expertise and guidance relating to all aspects of network security to help reduce risk. Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, we provide leadership, Board and staff training and incident support.