Leadership Team

The Leadership Team reports to the President & CEO. AgVantis also has an internal auditor outsourced to CoBank who reports to the Board of Directors and its Audit Committee.

David A. Oles

President and Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 316.266.5259
Email: david.oles@agvantis.com

Karla K. Rhodes

(Retiring – 9/1/2022)

Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 316.266.5202
Email: karla.rhodes@agvantis.com


Dixie B. Lang

Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 316.266.5370
Email: dixie.lang@agvantis.com

Darlene K. Myers

Senior Vice President
Customer Service

Phone: 316.266.5339
Email: darlene.myers@agvantis.com

Justin Schwanke Picture _3_

Justin Schwanke

Senior Vice President
Chief Technology Officer

Phone: 316-266-5377
Email: Justin.schwanke@agvantis.com

Aaron J. Sanchez

Vice President
Data Management & Governance

Phone: 316.266.5381
Email: aaron.sanchez@agvantis.com


Adam Poell

Vice President
Business Solutions

Phone: 316.266.5387

Jessica M. Clark

Marketing Communication Coordinator
Corporate Secretary 

Phone: 316.266.5051
Email: jessica.clark@agvantis.com

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