Leadership Team

The Leadership Team reports to the President & CEO. AgVantis also has an internal auditor outsourced to CoBank who reports to the Board of Directors and its Audit Committee.

David Oles

David A. Oles

President and Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 316.266.5259
Email: david.oles@agvantis.com

Karla K. Rhodes

Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 316.266.5202
Email: karla.rhodes@agvantis.com

Darlene K. Myers

Senior Vice President
Customer Service

Phone: 316.266.5339
Email: darlene.myers@agvantis.com


Justin Schwanke

Senior Vice President
Chief Technology Officer

Phone: 316-266-5377
Email: Justin.schwanke@advantis.com

Aaron J. Sanchez

Vice President
Data Management & Governance

Phone: 316.266.5381
Email: aaron.sanchez@agvantis.com

Poell, Adam1_edited

Adam Poell

Vice President
Business Solutions

Phone: 316.266.5387

Jessica M. Clark

Corporate Secretary

Phone: 316.266.5051
Email: jessica.clark@agvantis.com

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