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Headquartered in Wichita, KS AgVantis is a unique and distinct technology solutions and business services organization, providing its solutions and services to both Farm Credit Banks and Member-Owned Associations. We help navigate the complex Farm Credit regulatory environment with solutions and services that are designed by and for Farm Credit Entities to meet their unique business needs. Since our inception in August of 2001, AgVantis has and continues to develop and provide customized financial software and business services to Farm Credit Associations around the United States. We currently serve 11 Associations throughout California, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Each of our Owner-Association CEO’s currently serves on the AgVantis Board of Directors. The AgVantis Board of Directors (Board) is comprised of 13 members. Eleven members are Owner-Association CEOs, one member is appointed by our funding banks CEO, and one member is an outside Director appointed by the Board. All Directors are members of the Audit Committee. AgVantis also has a Technology Committee whose membership includes the outside appointed director, board members, and non-board Association members. We are excited to share our story with you.

Who is AgVantis?

AgVantis employs approximately 90 skilled professionals. We are cooperative, owned by the member Associations that utilize our solutions and services. Our Owner-Associations are hands-on in the development of the technology being used and the services we provide. We are here to meet the extraordinary technology needs of the highly regulated Farm Credit Industry.

What is Farm Credit?

In 1916, Congress created the Farm Credit System to provide sound and dependable credit to American farmers, ranchers, producers or harvesters of aquatic products and farm-related businesses through a member-owned cooperative system. The employees of AgVantis were originally part of the Farm Credit Bank of Wichita’s information services department. We are a part of the ninth Farm Credit District in the United States. On August 3rd of 2001, the Farm Credit Bank of Wichita (Bank) and Associations of the Ninth Farm Credit District formed AgVantis, Inc., as a separate 4.25 corporation to serve the technology needs of the Associations and the Bank. All entities in the Farm Credit System are governed and regulated by the Farm Credit Administration. Our charter allows us to provide solutions and services to only entities within the Farm Credit System. All remaining revenue at the end of our fiscal year is either held as retained earnings, or returned to our Owner-Associations in the form of patronage. Our status affords us the opportunity to provide solutions, services, support, and expertise uncommon to competitors outside of the System.

The Farm Credit Administration (FCA), is an independent agency in the executive branch of the U.S. Government. The FCA is responsible for the regulation and examination of the banks, associations, and service providers that collectively comprise the Farm Credit System. FCA’s mission is to promote a safe and sound and dependable source of credit and related services for all credit worthy and eligible persons in Agriculture and rural America. The Farm Credit System is a nationwide network of customer-owned cooperatives. Together, the system supports more than 500,000 farmers, ranchers, agricultural producers, rural infrastructure providers and rural home buyers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Farm Credit is one the nation’s oldest financial institutions created to support rural communities and agriculture with reliable, consistent credit and financial services, today and tomorrow. Farm Credit borrowers enjoy the size, stability and strength of a nationwide system of lenders. They also appreciate the benefits of borrowing from a local Farm Credit Association where the employees know the local agriculture, are a part of the community, and understand the market conditions and opportunities that may exist.

Our Vision

AgVantis’ vision will be accomplished by delivering exemplary customer service, innovative customer driven technology solutions and business services, providing our customers with the tools to compete in a rapidly changing agricultural environment, solving business needs together.

Our vision statement is “Powering those who grow America.”

What We Do

Our Farm Credit System experience has evolved to meet the demand for increased technology solutions and business services that help Farm Credit Associations respond to borrower needs, board governance, and regulatory expectations. We help in many areas beyond the scope of the off-the-shelf software applications and technology vendors.

Our Technology Solutions

Electronic Transactions
Online Banking
Risk Management
Our Loan Origination platform, NGS along with credit delivery and loan servicing

Our Business Services

Accounting and Reporting
Customer Support and Training
Cybersecurity services
Layered security strategy

Our Mission

The mission statement is, “We are in business to get it right.” AgVantis will always be mission driven and customer–centric; meeting the ever-changing challenges of the agricultural financial services industry by providing real-time, integrated solutions and services that are customer-focused and flexible. We continue to develop alliances and partnerships with Farm Credit and non-Farm Credit institutions benefiting our customers.
AgVantis will continue to position itself within the marketplace as a strategic business partner providing value-added, cost-competitive technology solutions and business services to Farm Credit Associations and Banks. AgVantis will strive to provide innovation for key business processes, focusing on maximizing the return to our customers, helping them innovate, all while differentiating ourselves through exemplary customer service and support.

Thanks for listening today and we hope you enjoyed our story. We’re in it for Ag.